1Staff Staffing Software

Custom Themes within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

8 JULY 2015 - 1 MIN READ

1Staff, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, now has the ability to be customized to your company’s branding. With the 2015 update, your company can alter the...

Supercharge Your Staffing Software CRM Sales and Recruiting Prospecting

1 JULY 2015 - 2 MINS READ

1Staff, powered by Microsoft CRM Online now includes InsideView Insights for every 1Staff Professional User. Insights is still available through other licensing models but is...

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Visual Hierarchies

30 JUNE 2015 - 2 MINS READ

Within 1Staff, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can create and view hierarchies that connect accounts.As an example we will look at the Walt Disney...

Why It’s Important To Have A Mobile Friendly Staffing Website

30 JUNE 2015 - 1 MIN READ

Mobile friendly websites are no longer recommended, they’re required if you want your website to stand out from the crowd. According to Statista, “As of...

6 Reasons You Need To Get To Know 1Staff

18 JUNE 2015 - 4 MINS READ

Our #1 goal is to develop cutting edge staffing software in order to provide your staffing agency with a forward thinking solution. Giving your business...

Make Your World Simpler With Microsoft’s Social Solution

5 JUNE 2015 - 2 MINS READ

In a world where word travels as fast as the share of a tweet, the opinions of a few can influence millions of people around...

The Staffing Software Wish List from SIA Executive Forum

1 APRIL 2015 - 2 MINS READ

The Professional Advantage team was thrilled to once again showcase our staffing software solution, 1Staff, at Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum. SIA Executive Forum took...

Save time, money and eliminate paper with electronic signatures

12 MARCH 2015 - 2 MINS READ

1Staff makes it easy to define the required documents to be signed via electronic signatures. The documents can be staffing firms standard onboarding docs, or be specific documents by customer, position, state, worksite, or even type of associate (W2 vs 1099 or T4).