Company Data Archive Best Practices

27 JULY 2020 - 2 MINS READ

So you’re about to run your first Company Data Archive (CDA)? Depending how many years of data your company needs to archive we know this process can take a few hours or a few days. We’ve created this quick ‘Step by Step Guide’ to help your archiving process run smoothly.

New Features Added to Collections Management in GP 2018

22 JUNE 2020 - 3 MINS READ

Professional Advantage was excited to announce the newest features of Collections Management to be released in Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2018. As a consumer driven product, Professional Advantage strives to innovate Collections Management based on their customer’s needs.

Get Paid Faster and automate your Cash Receipts with Collections Management

9 JUNE 2020 - 2 MINS READ

As we navigate through these uncertain times, collecting on your outstanding receivables is now more important than ever. Having a robust and efficient process in...

Automate your archive process and increase your company productivity with the new CDA Scheduler

20 MAY 2020 - 4 MINS READ

When it comes to archiving your Microsoft Dynamics GP data, Company Data Archive (CDA) has been the solution to help you do so.

Shrinking Your Database to Improve Performance

12 JULY 2019 - 4 MINS READ

Location, location, location!You have probably heard this in real estate, and while this is true in real estate, it is also true in your Microsoft...

Managing your annual GP Product Maintenance Plan

2 APRIL 2018 - 2 MINS READ

When it comes to owning a license of our GP add-on products, Collections Management and Company Data Archive, customers are automatically included on a yearly...

How Contemporary Personnel Staffing Eliminated Bottlenecks and Created 3x Growth with 1Staff Back Office and Bullhorn

16 MARCH 2018 - 6 MINS READ

In 2012, CPS found they were losing valuable time and money by having to rely on manual back office processes.For example, to complete their accounting,...

Improve Your Cash Flow With 1Staff and Collections Management


Two of the most unarguably critical factors contributing to success in staffing are improving your cash flow, and streamlining your invoicing and collections processes. Having...

Collections Management and National Accounts


Collections Management works with the National Account feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP®.It does so by first ensuring that it is setup as described on our...

Channel Product Background Information


At Professional Advantage (PA), as an ISV, we develop and support two Microsoft Dynamics GP add on products:  Collections Management and Company Data Archive.As both...

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