Collections Management

Using AI to Help Write your Collection Letters

6 MAY 2024 - 2 MINS READ

Gone are the days of generic, one-size-fits-all collection letters. With the help of AI, businesses can now generate personalized collection letters tailored to each client's situation.

Creating the Best Team of Collectors Possible for Debt Collections

23 AUGUST 2023 - 2 MINS READ

In the world of debt collections, having a highly skilled and efficient team of collectors is crucial for maximizing recovery rates and maintaining positive customer relationships.

Optimizing Cash Flow – Understanding and Managing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)


The presence of debtors in any business indicates that the business is providing financing to its customers for their purchases. This financing is balanced by the credit the business receives from its suppliers.

Mastering the Art of Collecting Past Due Money: Best Practices for Business Owners

12 JULY 2023 - 2 MINS READ

As a business owner, collecting past due money from other businesses is a critical task to maintain your cash flow and ensure the financial health of your company.

How to Make Your Collections Sound Less Automated

3 JULY 2023 - 2 MINS READ

Professional Advantage offers personalized collections management software solutions that enable effective communication, flexible payment options, clear explanations to customers, and a more customer-centric collections process.

Get Paid, Don’t Delay: Best Practices for Collecting Past Due Money from Other Businesses

24 MARCH 2023 - 2 MINS READ

As a business owner, collecting past due money from other businesses is a critical task tomaintain your cash flow and ensure the financial health of your...

Dynamics Community Summit NA 2021


It was great to see so many clients, partners and friends at the 2021 Dynamics Community Summit in Houston.Thank you to all those who stopped...

Collections Management has advanced it's Letter Functionality!

18 MAY 2021 - 2 MINS READ

One of the most requested functionalities we receive for Collections Management is having the ability to retrieve different customer information using Letter Functions.Originally, we introduced...

How Can Collections Management Help Your Business?

5 MAY 2021 - 3 MINS READ

With close to 3,200 customers using Collections Management today, we often hear the same customer pain points when it comes to collecting. Whether that be...

Centralize and Retrieve More Collections Management Data

2 MARCH 2021 - 2 MINS READ

When it comes to collecting in Dynamics GP, users often find that there is a lot of decentralized information in the sales and accounts receivables...